Starts 03/30/2020 
How To Get Control Over Your Sugar Habit and 
STOP Emotional Eating
5-Day Sugar Detox & Emotional Eating Challenge
Here's What's Inside the 5-Day Added Sugar Detox Challenge:
  • Get 5 Days Of Coaching in an Exclusive Facebook Group During Your 5-day Sugar Detox: Helps you kick the sugar habit and overcome emotional eating with daily LIVE support.
  • Learn How To STOP Emotional Eating: Recognize the signs and know how to redirect yourself and overcome emotional eating.
  • Receive Our Success Manual: Easily allows you to implement the 5-day sugar detox, so you can immediately begin to feel even better.
  • Easy Step-By-Step Process: Allows you to quickly kick the sugar habit once and for all.
  • Comes With A Sugar Detox Worksheet: Makes keeping track of your progress super simple to help ensure your success! 
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