Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a physical assessment of the muscles, joints, and nerves of the body. The goal of chiropractic care is to address the physical cause of a person’s pain, discomfort, and dysfunction.

Often when a person experiences pain, the remedy is either an over the counter or prescription pain medication and anti-inflammatory. This may be fine for short term relief, but what is the true cause of the pain? If it is purely chemical, inflammatory, then perhaps the medication is the best intervention and will address the underlying cause. However, in most cases there is an underlying physical issue that needs to be addressed.

What to expect from our Chiropractic Care Program


All new patients and established patients returning with new issues, will receive an examination to investigate the cause of their complaints. This includes a health history and history of the current complaint. The physical examination and assessment of the problem helps to determine the appropriate course of treatment. Diagnostic imaging such as x-rays, MRI, and CT scans, and blood and other laboratory testing may be ordered if deemed necessary, but in most cases this is not required.

Chiropractors are trained as portal of entry providers and are able to fully assess and determine if a person’s condition is appropriate for chiropractic care, or if a referral to the person’s family physician or another specialist is appropriate.

Treatment Methods

There are a variety of treatment methods available in our practice. Spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustments) is only one of the options available. If spinal manipulation is not appropriate for a person’s condition, then other options such as manual therapy, massage, mobilization, electrical stimulation, and/or ultrasound may be used. Additionally, activity and lifestyle modifications may be suggested in order to reduce contributing factors to the problem.


We see people with a variety of issues that can be helped with chiropractic are. The following is a list of examples and is not all inclusive:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Mid and low back pain
  • Disc bulges/protrusions
  • Sciatica/leg pain radiating from the low back
  • Golfer’s and Tennis elbow
  • Rotator cuff syndrome
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Hip and Shoulder bursitis

Cost of Care

It is difficult to provide specific costs, due to a variety of factors. Both the Philadelphia office and the Lehigh Valley office do not participate with any commercial insurance. Both offices participate with Medicare. What follows is an overview of what can be expected.

  • The cost will depend on the complexity of the case and procedures performed in the office.  The first visit will cost more due to the initial intake and examination process in addition to treatment.  This cost is usually between $90 and $115. Follow up visits are usually between $40 and $70.
  • Commercial Insurance – We are not in network, HOWEVER, check your plans deductibles and copays.  We find that for many plans, our cash fees are comparable to the copays of these plans.  Also, if you have a high deductible that hasn’t been met, no matter where you go for care, payments will be out of pocket.
  • Medicare – We are a participating provider for Medicare. Medicare covers spinal manipulation only. The examination fee on the first visit is not covered by Medicare, nor are any therapies. Medicare pays 80{0c52281edda0ddfa9910a9e1d4d79372b009ed8bd2f5806a1f16e0f628aa751f} of the Medicare approved amount for spinal manipulation and you or your Medicare supplemental insurance covers the remaining 20{0c52281edda0ddfa9910a9e1d4d79372b009ed8bd2f5806a1f16e0f628aa751f}
  • Automobile accident and worker’s compensation – We participate in these programs and with verified coverage, there is no out of pocket expenses.
  • We accept cash, check, and most major credit cards.
  • Regardless of being in or out of network, you are able to use your Health Saving Account (HSA) card to pay for services.  We can provide receipts and other information required by your plan.