The Empowered Living Method Functional Healthcare

The Empowered Living Method is a comprehensive, patient centered approach to health  – focusing on determining the root cause or causes and underlying factors that may be affecting your health and well-being.  It is personally designed for anyone looking to restore their vitality, elevate their wellness and unleash their best self.

We start with a carefully and thoroughly assessment of your health history, assessing your current condition, exploring your daily habits and routines.  After this detailed review of your evaluation form and listening to your health history, a specific recommendation will be made for strategic functional lab testing to optimize your well-being.  This strategic functional lab testing provides clues into how your body’s basic and fundamental processes are working.

The Empowered Living Method evaluates the 6 pillars of health:

  1. Energy Production.
  2. Detoxification & Oxidation.
  3. Brain Health & Mindset.
  4. Diet & Digestion.
  5. Stress & Inflammation.
  6. Lifestyle & Environment.

What to Expect From the Empowered Living Method

Your Empowered Living Package will be 6 to 9 months and includes the following:

  1. Initial Evaluation (75 minutes).
  2. Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation with Health Coach (50 minutes).
  3. Mindset & Meditation Consultation with Mindfulness Coach(30 minutes).
  4. Personalized Lab Result Review Video.
  5. Lab Result Consultation (50 minutes).
  6. Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation with Health Coach (50 minutes).
  7. Mindset & Meditation Consultation with Mindfulness Coach (30 minutes).
  8. Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation with Health Coach (50 minutes).
  9. Mindset & Meditation Consultation with Mindfulness Coach (50 minutes).
  10. Status Evaluation Consultation & Lab Review (50 minutes)
  11. Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation with Health Coach (50 minutes).
  12. Case Review (50 minutes).

These consultations may be conducted in person (depending on your location) or be done using video conferencing technology, which allows us to work remotely with anyone worldwide.  The above “schedule” is an estimated timeline, for each client that timeline is modified to fit individual needs.

Empowerment Materials

As a client of the Empowered Living Institute, you will receive a comprehensive education binder that will act as a resource throughout your journey. This binder is full of useful tips and covers content such as; nutrition, digestion, detoxification, hormones, exercise, mindfulness, and a 30-day Empowerment Program.

Empowered Concierge Service

Access to the Empowered Living team improves compliance, maintains momentum, and keeps an open dialogue throughout your journey. Email or securely message us with any questions you have throughout your Empowerment journey through the secure patient EHR portal.

Empowered Lifestyle, Nutrition & Mindset

Lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset are three fundamental areas that will impact you and your family for many years to come. Combining the best of Functional & Lifestyle Healthcare and Mindset Coaching, we will provide you with a strategy in each of these areas. As a result, you will be able to Empower your life & health and lead your family to better health.

Empowering Labs

At the Empowered Living Institute, we commonly recommend specialized testing called Functional Labs.  Functional Lab work provides clues into how their body’s basic and fundamental processes are working; and may include blood work, saliva, stool, urine and/or hair testing.

Lab Interpretation Video

Every lab test provides some insight into your personal situation.  When the results have been received, we will provide you with a summary video interpretation of the results for your viewing.  This will allow you to view the video in the comfort of your home and better prepare for the Lab Interpretation Consult.  This information is also shared with your health coach so specific recommendations can be made regarding lifestyle and diet.

Direct Lab Pricing

To provide the most affordable care possible, the Empowered Living Institute has made special arrangements with all the labs we use to provide you with direct lab pricing. This ensures that you will get the lowest price possible on all lab testing.

Customized Supplementation

After a careful review of your lab results and evaluating lifestyle, we will recommend a personalized supplementation program. Our recommendations will only include the highest quality products.

Empowered Living Facebook Group

You will be invited to join our “closed” Facebook group, The Empowered Living Community.

We offer LIVE workshops, Q&A, and access to a growing library of health content.


The Empowered Living Method includes four one hour appointments with the doctor, five one-hour visits with the health coach, 2 hours of Mindfulness/Meditation coaching, test interpretation, health plan and client concierge access for the duration of the program.  The Empowered Living Method also includes a 150 plus page client health manual that covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

For the doctor and health coach’s expertise and time throughout the course of your program there is a one-time investment of $1999 (USD).

Payment plans are made available through Advanced Care. Costs of testing and supplements are not included and vary on a case-by-case basis.

Any consultation or coaching visits and plans beyond one year or beyond the final case review are not part of the Empowerment Living Method Program, and are available on an as-needed basis at an additional cost.

More Information

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