The Real Reasons Behind Low Energy (Beating Extreme Fatigue)

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The Real Reasons Behind Low Energy (Beating Extreme Fatigue)


Do you feel tired all the time?

Have you been struggling to get through the day?

Feeling depleted, or just not your best self?

Restoring your energy could very well be all in your gut, but not necessary in the way you might think!

It’s true that your brain health relies on your gut, and vice versa. When these imbalances occur, you can find yourself in a constant state of stress. We’ve all heard of the fight or flight response, these areas are part of the Autonomic Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System controls specific body processes such as circulation of blood, breathing, urination, and your heart.

There are two different parts of the autonomic nervous system.

  1. The sympathetic fight or flight, which regulates your heart and your breathing.
  2. The other is the parasympathetic, the rest and digest, which stimulates stomach activity and slows your heart rate just to name a couple of things for each.

Controlling your stress levels and allowing your body to be in the rest and digest side of the Autonomic Nervous System is the key to losing weight and regulating your blood sugar!

My specialty is helping people lose weight through integrative and functional medicine – that’s right, I’m on a mission to get people healthy without harmful, toxic and expensive prescription drugs.

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